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Foundation of the Association

A commemorative plaque, which is placed on the adjoining building of the “Markgrafen” castle, in 1968 reminds us of the Emmendingen Synagogue, which was destroyed in 1938. It mentions however neither the causes of the destruction nor the culprits. There was a heated debate among the Emmendingen people and in the municipal council on the text of the second commemorative plaque, which would name the crystal night as the cause of the destruction and the Emmendingen citizens of that time as the culprits. This debate and the rediscovery of the Mikwe (the Jewish ritual bath of the Israelite Community which was wiped out in 1940) at Schlossplatz led in 1988 to the foundation of the Emmendingen Association for Jewish History and Culture (as a registered society.)

Association’s goal

The interdenominational association wishes to remind everybody of the Emmendingen Jewish History. The association is also supposed to explore and document the History of the Jews in Emmendingen. The memory of the deported and killed Emmendingen Jews and of the crime against the Jewish population should be kept alive.
The association restored the former Mikwe as a Jewish ritual building and established in it a Museum for Jewish History and Culture, which is supposed to serve as a place of memory, learning and meeting. The building and the Mikwe were renovated with the funds of the Federal Land Monument’s Foundation and of the Emmendingen Municipal Council. It required the longstanding, mainly honorary work of the dedicated association members. The association is responsible for the Emmendingen Jewish Museum which was inaugurated in 1997.
The association members try to preserve and develop new concepts of the museum. The association cooperates closely with the Emmendingen Jewish Community which was again founded in 1995, and supports it in every way. The association promotes meetings between Jews and Non-Jews. It supports activities against anti-Semitism, hostility to foreigners and intolerance.

The members of the association

The association has at present about 100 members from various denominations. The board consists of the first Chairwoman Carola Grasse, the second Chairwoman Noemi Wertheimer, the Secretary Monika Miklis and the Cashier Andrea Ditrich. The board-aid is Christa Rutz. About 15 association members are on duty in the Museum during its office hours. The board and a small group of dedicated persons look after the Museum and secure its exhibits, rooms and the garden.How can I become a member?

Activities of the Association

  • Varying special exhibitions in the Emmendingen Jewish Museum
  • Guided tours for groups, school classes, educational arrangement offers
  • Enlargement of the reference library and of the video-tape library
  • Cultural events about various aspects of Jewish life
  • Special activities on the occasion of the European Day of the Jewish Culture and on the occasion of the Day of open monuments
  • Tours with the Emmendingen Jewish Community;
  • Talks with the witnesses of that time
  • Organization of and participation at commemorative events (9-th November, 27-th January);
  • Letters for the members
  • Publication of relevant articles and pamphlets
  • Cooperation with other memorial places in a network
  • Participation at conferences and study groups
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    How can you become a member?

    What does the association offer you? / What can you do for the association?
    We are glad to see every new member in our association. Send us an e-mail (, and you will receive from us a membership form.

    The annual subscription fee amounts to
  • For a single person:    25 €
  • For pairs:   40 €
  • Reduced fee:   18 € (for example pupils, students, pensioners, or those who are on welfare benefits)

  • You can also become a supporting member with a higher annual fee. A direct debit mandate would make our work easier. If desired we can send you the regulations of our society.

  • The members can use our library and our video library during the opening hours of the Museum.
  • We regularly organize events concerning various aspects of Jewish life in cooperation with the Emmendingen Jewish Community and the Cultural Office of the city.
  • The program of our association consists also of tours, study trips, guided tours in similar museums and memorial places (which are related to us from the thematic point of view.)
  • Apart from that we take part in trans-regional congresses and working groups, for example of Alemannia Judaica.
  • The members of our association are on honorary duty in the Museum during its opening hours.
  • Your help concerning arrangements and management of events is desirable.

  • We need a financial support for the preservation and enlargement of the Jewish Museum and for our diverse activities. Therefore we are looking for promoters and sponsors. We would be glad if you got in touch with us!